3rd May, 2015


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My father’s last day at office and what it means to us and him.

Life moves so fast and along the way, we get stuck in our own individuals affairs and concerns, so much so that we begin to forget what others around us need or feel. This happens too often. But this is not how it’s gonna work.

For our family, this day i.e. the 29th March, 2014 (Saturday) marks a new phase as my father’s service career ceased with the setting sun. It is not actually retirement in its true sense but a voluntary one at that. He felt that he needed to channelise his energy fully towards the pursuance of academic and research work. He wants to write books and get active in so many things that he hasn’t been able to attend to. Besides, the office environment is getting dirtier by the day with power politics, groupism and all those things you could expect in the offices of this small corner of India called Manipur. My father, being an upright person with solid principles to lean on, cannot bear to function there as he used to.

To remind you, I’m not simply praising him because he is my father. No, that would be wrong for me to do and foolish for you to even suspect. I don’t need to go deep into what he has done till now to prove the point. But if you insist, I could tell you one contribution of his: he was the whistleblower in a case of the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (his office) where more than 10 persons were appointed illegally by one senior officer of the office. It led to the cancellation of appointment of the illegal candidates and the suspension of the said senior officer. And there is so much more to this particular story than the obvious. Lots of things (some undesirable) happened after that. It would take many pages to recount, so let’s leave it just here.

To cut it short, my father stood for the truth and continues to do so. With all said and done, his eventful service has come to an end today. And I believe, he must be reminiscing about his past at this time. Just imagine, you have worked in an office for more than thirty years and the time comes to bid all goodbye. You leave the familiar room, your table, your colleagues and the whole place. This cannot be that easy. You leave behind memories and a part of yourself. But you gotta welcome the new phase of your life too. The pages gotta keep turning, right?

So, I wish my father a happy farewell and a great life together ahead! From now on, financially, we are getting poorer and that’s a bit sad [don’t worry, I’m okay 🙂 ] I, with all my heart, wish that the good God above blesses us a healthy and happy life. We have went through some nasty problems as a family and we still see the wounds. But I’m proud of the fact that we suffered and faced them as a family. That certainly has bonded us way stronger than any other thing could possibly have. As a man, I respect my father. I’m proud of him even if sometimes some serious misunderstanding have cropped up. I’ll stand by his side as a son and I’m ready to give it all to defend/protect him. This is my promise.

Once again, with the whole family’s (my mom, my elder sister and my younger brother) warmest wishes, I end this write-up. A toast to my father’s health!

Cheers… 🙂

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A Silent Quest

Where to seek a cool shade of peace,

Where to find dawn in my heart,

Where to smile at the gales,

Where to sing like a sea-bird,

Where to dance with the rays of a colourful rainbow,

Where to hide in a teardrop of a lonely heart,

Where to dance so wild like the summer rain,

Where to find a place to lie all day amidst the warm memories of days past…

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A heart’s call

Sleep, sleep away, will you?

Forget not my searching eyes don’t you.

I’ll make an ocean of tears for you,

I’ll take you up high in the sky,

And I’ll just keep on loving you!


Come to me, take my hand.

Close my eyes and take me to a fairy land,

Assure me of your eternal presence,

And snatch me away from the clutches of separation.

Hold me tight, give me your light

‘Cause you are my one and only

And I’ll just keep on loving you…

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A lonely soul

A lonely soul

The vast sea in front,
The overwelming gusts of winds,
The emptiness,
The loneliness…

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Getting nostalgic…


“Student life is very sweet and the time of farewell is even sweeter, when we begin to miss and love the classroom where we once sat, the school trees with the colourful leaves we used to admire in autumn, the school assembly ground where we once toiled under the angry sun and amidst dark clouds, the school teachers who loved us beyond words and the occasional sticks, and who we still see in dreams and still love dearly, the recess periods, the crushes, the school meets, great sports days, the environment, the omnipresent love, those sad moments, those exciting ones, and even our security guard whom we hated beyond words but who now reminds us of school. Life becomes so touching when we think of these.”

… “It is not the struggle that has to be remembered;, but the great joy you get having went through it. Ultimately, only happy memories remain at the best of times and that’s when God is nearest to you.”




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A tribute poem to a best friend: Hi Lord DKH, love you pal!

Two Best friends are we…

We are two best friends,
We always share the same trends.

I love to write poems and you do the same,
You love to write songs and I do the same.
No one can our interests tame.

I love Nature and you do the same,
You like singing and I do the same.
Where from I know not they stem.

Thirteen I was when we met,
The bond seems to strengthen as years pass on, I bet.
Not to see each other too long is what we hate.

If an unpleasant thing I have to face,
You are always ready to stand by me.
Even at the brink of death never will you leave me, I believe.

Happy times we share together,
Sad times we share together.
At times we smile together.

Dreams we dreamt the same-
Those shared aspirations,
Those innocent hopes of making it big someday…

You and I were crazy about Disney stars,
Day-dreams of them we dreamt both,
And hoped one day we will meet them.

But above all we value our friendship most,
And take it as a divine gift to us.
No tempest too strong, the bond will not ever get lost…

-Rajkumar Panthoiren
23/02/10, Tuesday

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